The majority of the Men’s competitions are held over the summer, but the darker Winter months do see various competitions, including the very popular Winter League run by Professional, Jason Broadway. On every Wednesday throughout the year, there is a ‘roll up’ competition that takes place and this is simply a matter of entering in the Pro Shop on the day.

Although specific times are set aside for competitions, generally on a Sunday morning, Members are able to take part in those competitions outside of those times providing they have a player to verify their score. To do this it is again a matter of signing in with the Pro Shop prior to playing.

The Men take part in County Club competitions which include Cornwall Team Championships (Scratch), Frank Wills Salver (Handicaps 5-12), Cornwall Bowl (Handicaps 13-20). There are also other social competitions that take place within the Club and Summer knockouts, culminating in Finals Day, normally in September.

The Men also tend to run a ‘swindle’ on a Saturday morning, which is a case of turning up, paying your fee and then being drawn out with other members. The format will depend how many players take part but generally are teams of 4 and runs from about 10.30 through to 12pm if there is no formal Club competition on a Saturday.


The Ladies have their own pavilion for changing facilities. Whilst there are coffee making facilities and a lounge area in the pavilion, the majority of ladies do use the main clubhouse to relax after their golf.

The Ladies section have their competitions on a Tuesday. The times usually run between 9am and 12pm depending on numbers and the sign up is usually online. There are also a couple of times set aside on a Saturday morning for ladies aimed to allow working ladies a slot at weekends.

The ladies have a variety of competitions, which are run through the office as well as having League and Friendly matches against other clubs in the County. There are also mixed matches organised by the Ladies Section. The Gammon Trophy is a Ladies scratch competition that the section also enters each year.

The Ladies also run knockout competition and again their culmination is Finals Day, usually held in September.


West Cornwall Golf Club has an excellent record for junior golf and producing golfers of a high standard from the junior ranks. Two players from West Cornwall, Philip Rowe (1999) and Harry Hall (2019) have both represented GB & I in the Walker Cup, the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup played between GB&I and USA. Harry has also now achieved membership of the US PGA Tour.

The juniors have their tee reservation on a Saturday morning from 8.30a.m. - 10.30a.m. Within this group we have those that play 18-holes, those that play 9-holes and we also run a 3/5-hole group. Progression through those groups takes place as players improve.

In addition to this, to get juniors involved in golf, we have Golf Access, which is specifically designed to get a progression into golf and new juniors out onto the course earlier so they can see how much fun golf can be. This is run by one of our Club Professionals, Nick Brewaeys and also runs on a Saturday morning.

The junior section also run various individual and team competitions as well as entering the County junior team events. There are also some matchplay knockout competitions, which like the other sections culminate on Finals Day usually in September.


We have a large and active senior section who have the tee reserved on a Thursday morning between 8.30a.m. – 12.00p.m. They play various different competitions within this slot, as well as having matches with a number of other local clubs both home and away each year.

The Seniors also have their knockout competition that also culminates on Finals Day in September. Outside of their official diary, there are various groups that meet on other days just for a ‘roll-up’ between themselves.

The Seniors also run a couple of social events for their section and needless to say these are always well supported.